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Ed Core Marketing Ltd.

Wilf Gosselin

Interior Sales Representative

Wilf looks after the interior sales including and not limited to the Nelson area. He mainly deals with stores in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton and Kamloops. During Consumer and Trade shows, Wilf can be found helping the brands we represent with running booths or answering questions about Interior retailing.

Debra Pearce

Ontario Manager 

Debra has 30 extensive experience building brands in the Natural, Food, Drug & Mass markets and has built strong, ongoing relationships with owners and buyers of leading health food stores and key grocery accounts in the Ontario market. She is a highly-effective, results driven and professional known for her strong communication and organizational skills. Debra has excellent relationships with Ontario retailers in all channels and personally makes all head office calls.  She manages the independent stores & mass market business in Ontario, as well as working closely with the Ontario outside reps.  

Sylvain Marchand
Québec Manager

Sylvain has 20 years’ experience in the Natural product market in Québec working for Québec natural food distributors and leading retailers. He is a well-respected, savvy sales and marketing professional who has developed solid relations with key retail accounts in the Québec natural Food channels. He works closely and diligently with vendor marketing and promo budgets to secure the best sales results in the territory.

Mark Blumenthal 
Eastern Canada Manager

Mark over sees much of the activities in Eastern Canada. As a native of Québec, Mark is well versed on the unique needs of the Eastern Ontario/Québec market. Mark has worked in the natural food brokerage business in Canada for close to 30 years. He helps organize new line, and line extension presentations and meetings and personally presents all new business to Mass retailers in Québec as well as handles multiple Brand Administration and demo programs.

Brand Ambassadors

Liz Atkinsons
Tina Russo​
Marianne Rallon​
Pam Woodcock


Ed Core

Ed has been in the natural products industry for over 20 years. He started working with natural product manufacturers as an independent sales representative, calling on stores while working for a health magazine in Vancouver. He also worked for a leading Western Canadian Natural Products Broker before starting his own Brokerage.  Ed enjoys personally visiting and spends the majority of his time interacting with Retailers & Distributors. Ed provides his own very personalized attention to his Brands, and has taken Brands others have been unsuccessful with to great success. Ed and his team provide personal, industry specific attention and expertise to growing the brands they represent.

Ed enjoys personally getting out to stores interacting with retailers.  Ed provides his own very personalized attention to our Brands, and he has taken Brands others have been unsuccessful with to great success. It is his industry specific, personalized service that leads the way everyone on the team build our brands.

Nichole Hastings 
Brand Manager

Nichole has more than 20 years industry experience that encompasses nearly every channel of the industry.  As our liaison between our Brands, distributors, retailers and our team providing product & market knowledge, information and communication as well as administrative and sales support to optimize our vendors marketing and sales growth. She is our key go to person with a passion for our industry and the success of excellent brands. Her expertise in the many aspects of brand management helps secure results for our clients.

​​​​​​​​Abbey Cruz
Administrative  Assistant

Abbey helps with consumer & trade shows, organizes our demos, and supports our team with the many distributor & retail forms that need attention on a daily basis. 

Ange-Elle Core

​Assistant Brand Manager

Ange-Elle helps with consumer & trade shows, writes up reports for retailers and distributors, and keeps track of the accounting. She is also in charge of keeping the office organized and prepped for meetings and new product placement.